Serve Up Summer… Cake Stands!

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Serve Up Summer… Cake Stands!

Spring is in the air and so many Brides are reaching out to me as they look for the perfect finishing touch for their Summer wedding. That was my goal when I started making cake stands. I wanted to create unique, one of a kind finishing touches that could help an event stand out from the crowd.

Everyone wants their party to be special, be it a wedding, baby shower, dinner party, bridal shower, or any gathering. And, wading through the endless options on Pinterest and Etsy can be overwhelming. I find Pinterest to be useful, but often recommend that people keep their “competitive” feelings in check. You are not trying to create a “better” wedding than your best friend; you are trying to create YOUR wedding. Your day is about creating and celebrating a lifelong union, and nothing else. The paper straws, table runners, lanterns, monograms, actually don’t matter at all, and frankly the majority of that stuff ends up in the trash at the end of the night. But, let’s be honest, they are cute! And often on the “must-have” list for many Brides. Have you ever tried to actually drink out of a PAPER straw? They suck (pun intended)! That said, I still buy them for my events because they are cute, modern, in style, and on trend-and they sure do make for great photos! Yep, I’m a sucker for that stuff (oops did it again)!

Sometimes the smallest detail makes the decor and feel of a wedding memorable. And, not every wedding is a budget-busting, over-the-top, as-seen-on-TV event. I know that for me, the most memorable weddings I have attended included special, unique decor items that were not your typical off-the-shelf purchases. And, those items were sustainable, usable beyond the wedding day, and something that I could tell the Bride and Groom would cherish for years to come. One Bride I know used a custom lettered mailbox as her card drop box; it now proudly stands at the end of the driveway of the first house she and her husband bought together. It’s those types of things that I love that people bring home from the event as a long-term reminder of the day. And that’s what I want my cupcake stands to become.

Fortunately, when I talk to Brides, they tell me that’s why they do love my pastry  stands. Not only can they set them on their dessert table for the wedding day, they can take them home (unlike all those soggy paper straws) and use them for years to come. My pastry stands and cupcake stands become beautiful reminders of a perfect day. That makes me pretty happy! One Bride told me she now uses her cupcake stand as a jewelry stand in her bedroom–what a great idea–so she can enjoy it every day! Here are some new cake stands and cupcake stands that I added to the shop this month; I hope one of them speaks to you and is perfect for your big day (and beyond!) You can click on the photos to visit the shop and to see many more of my designs.

Summer Wedding Cake Stand

Modern Red and White 3 Tier Cake Stand and Cupcake Stand

Peacock Wedding Cake Stand

Aqua and Gold Peacock Wedding 3 Tier Cake Stand

Yellow White Cake Stand and Cupcake Stand

Modern Yellow and White Tiered Cake Stand

Teal White 3 Tier Cake Stand or Cupcake Stand

Teal and White Floral 3 Tier Cake Stand or Cupcake Stand

Modern Blue and White 3 Tier Cake Stand and Cupcake Stand

Modern Blue and White Stripe Cake Stand and Cupcake Stand


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