New England Wedding Planner

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New England Wedding Planner

Weddings, and parties, and events, oh my! I am so excited about the launch of the new Otto Events website. Otto Events is a top New England wedding planner for unique and special events. I am lucky enough to know the owner, Jennifer Fors, very well, and I can’t even begin to describe love and hard work that goes all of her special event planning. Maybe I’m biased because I consider her a friend, and maybe I’m biased because I love everything that goes into great parties, but let me give it to you straight, Jennifer knows it all when it comes to event planning. I know from experience, perfectly planned parties aren’t for the faint of heart. Believe me, I have planned my fair share. I also know what goes into every detail, from the cake stands to the exit plans, and Otto Events makes it look like a walk in the park!

New England Wedding Planner

If you are in the hunt for a New England wedding planner, and if you require meticulous attention to detail, unique and fresh ideas, and flawless execution, call Jen today! Whether you are planning a wedding, bridal shower, corporate party, jack-and-jill, or any type of outing, Jennifer is your girl, and Otto Events has the creativity to turn your visions into reality. Be sure to visit to check out the new website.

If you like what you see and have a party to plan, call her! And, let me let you in on a little secret, if you’re a golfer, she knows her way around the golf course and I’m sure she’d be happy to plan your perfect event over a round of golf; she can hit it with the best of them… and beats me every time (for now… I’m coming for ya!). Congrats on the new website, best of luck to your whole team (as if you need it) with your upcoming events! XOXO

And hey, by the way, every party needs a great dessert display, so be sure to include some of my cake stands in your next event; they are the perfect finishing touch! 

Wedding Cake Stand Wedding Cake Stand Wedding Cake Stand

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