Cake Stand Expedition

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Cake Stand Expedition

This week an amazing bride contacted me to order three custom cake stands for her wedding shower in August. I am always up for a custom order (or three!) so I was super happy to oblige. She had a very specific request of mint green and gold for her stands, and she wanted them to coordinate, but not match. That’s my kind of girl! Sounds like a great party! Where’s my invite? Challenge accepted.

Mint Green Cake Stand PlatesI happily headed downstairs to my beautifully well-lit, spacious, and vast warehouse of one-of-a-kind vintage and modern serving-ware (ahem, my basement), and prepared to spend some time mixing and matching mint green and gold dishes with delight. Wouldn’t you know it, I didn’t have even one single “mint green” plate in my inventory. None, nada, zip, zilch, zero. Isn’t that fun? The good news is, this means I get to go SHOPPING. Again, challenge accepted! Well, and let me apologize for the terrible cell phone photo (SORRY!), take a look at this pic and you will see all of the awesome plates I picked up in the expedition to find the perfect matching (but not too matchy), mint green (but not aqua, or tiffany blue, or turquoise) and gold plates… hmmmmmm. Vintage, modern, preppy… you name it, I got it. Stacks on stacks! And, yep, you’re right, not a mint green dish in sight. Hush. But, hey! Check out all those new cake stand plates I have in inventory now! And, hey! I still don’t have mint green! So, hey! What’s a girl to do? To the Internet!

Vintage Ivory Cake StandsFortunately with a few clicks here, and here, and here, I was able to procure some amazing vintage and modern MINT GREEN dishes, and some added gold too. A perfect mix of vintage and modern, mint and gold, now sits in my studio (ahem, my dining room) ready to be transformed into three gorgeous cake stands for my bride. I’ll get to that this weekend, and I’ll be sure to post photos of the finished product here for you; they are stunners! I’d post them now, but I don’t want to spoil the surprise, and as tradition dictates, my bride will get the first look.

But, what’s next? Well with that stack of dishes taking over my “studio,” I’ve got some work to do! Warm up the drills! Crank up the tunes! Let’s get building! However, with that many new cake stands coming to the shop. It’s time to purge some of the existing inventory. LUCKY YOU! So, I just put a ton of my cake stands and cupcake stands in the sale section of the Etsy shop today. If you’ve been eyeing something special, now is a great time to visit the shop and see if one of your favorites has been marked down. Many have been reduced by half (HALF!), so get on over and treat yo’self! If your favorite is still listed at full price, don’t fret! I’ve set up a great coupon code via NerdWallet that is good through the end of the year. Click here to find my Etsy coupons on NerdWallet Indie! Wanna know a secret? You can use the coupon code on the sale items too. Really! Go ahead, try it!  Happy shopping!



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