Cake Stand Blog Lovin

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Cake Stand Blog Lovin

How lucky am I? My little cake stand shop has been featured in 2, count ‘em–TWO, great blogs this month. I participated in couple of Etsy shop owner interviews and am honored that my shop was chosen as a spotlight by these bloggers and fellow shop owners.

One of the cool things about Etsy is that not only does it give you a venue to sell your products; it is also a fantastic place to meet other artists, sellers, designers, and all around great people. Making connections through Etsy has offered me many opportunities to advertise my shop offsite, learn the tips and tricks of selling on Etsy, and make some great pocket friends*.


zzzzonkowl cake stand blogThe first feature, originally published on June 2nd, can be found by clicking here. Dot from ZzzonkOwl had this to say about my shop, “Sky’s cake stands are soooo pretty, cute, and just plain unique! Looking through her shop inspired me to want to try to do something like this–I love vintage plates. The way she coordinates the 3 levels is so great! Definitely a wonderful Etsy shop that I’m proud to share on my blog!”


Vintage Antique Bronze Fleur de Lis Charm

What a wonderful compliment! Dot was kind enough to share my customer feedback in the interview, something I take pride in and view as a top priority in my Etsy shop. She also picked out some of her favorite cake stands from my Etsy store and featured them in the interview. Dot has a great shop of her own: ZzzonkOwl. What the heck is a ZzzonkOwl? Well, in her own words, “…the “Zzz….” comes from the fact that I have narcolepsy, so I’m constantly sleepy. A term for falling asleep I always liked was “zonk out,” so I blended those together. And of course I love me some cute owls!” She takes care of her family and makes super cool upcycled, vintage and vintage inspired fabric covered buttons and jewelry. You can visit her shop by clicking here. This one on the right is my favorite!


Promo Junkies Cake Stand BlogThe second feature was published today by Jessica of White Window Creations.

Cuddle and Kick BlaknetJessica found me through the Etsy Promo Junkies team and she has a beautiful shop of great baby gifts. If you are selling on Etsy and haven’t discovered Etsy Teams, you are surely missing out! Jessica is, “a Sign Language Interpreter by trade and an “everything else” by hobby.” Her shop started with the “Cuddle & Kick Blanket” which she created out of necessity…for sanity. Reading the About section of her site you will learn that she got so fed up with re-covering her son in his baby swing that out of desperation she grabbed a patch of satin and attached it to his blanket. Viola! It worked. No more kicking the blanket off every 2 minutes, but still super snuggly everywhere else. Pure genius!

I am honored that these two bloggers featured my shop on their sites this month, and I am happy to do the same in return. The next time you are looking for a great gift, check out these great shops. I’ll have some new tiered cake stands, 3 tier cupcake stands, and modern dessert table trays uploaded to my own shop very soon. Keep your eyes out for an update. Until then, happy shopping!


*Pocket whats? For the uninitiated, as full-time working mother of 2 toddlers, I am always on the go. As a result, I do the majority of my Etsy shop management on my mobile phone. Etsy has awesome mobile tools for shop owners. But, this means that the people I communicate with for my shop and meet through Etsy, Twitter, and Pinterest are only accessible by the phone in my pocket. I have learned a lot from them, and I consider them friends even though we haven’t met in real life. My pocket friends, they are good people; I couldn’t run my cake stand shop without them! I can’t take credit for the term, I’ve heard it used by others online, and as the old saying goes… if the shoe fits… 


Martha Stewart - American Made 2014 - Nominee Badge


  1. Jun 13, 2014

    Great post; thank you so much!! I’m happy to have met you 🙂
    Also, I wanted to invite you to pin your blog posts to my Pinterest group board:
    Just follow a couple of my boards and let me know what your username is. Then I’ll send you the board invite. Hope you’ll join!! Take care; hope to talk to you again soon!!

    • Jul 28, 2014

      Wonderful! I followed the board, my username is SkyCroswell. I appreciate the invite!

  2. Jun 13, 2014

    Thank you for the feature!

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