Etsy Shop Round Up

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Etsy Shop Round Up

I’ve got some talented friends y’all! While I’m whiling away my super scarce spare time drilling plates, chasing toddlers, sourcing dishes, chasing toddlers, working full time, chasing toddlers, and assembling and packing cake stands (and chasing toddlers), they are working on their own amazing shops too. These lovely ladies are an inspiration, super talented, and expert multi-taskers; I wanted to share the love for them on blog today! It’s been really fun to see their shops open and grow and to learn from their success as I work to make my cake stand and cupcake stand shop the best it can be. If you missed the memo, I create one of a kind tiered cake stands (like the one you see to the here). Each dessert tray I make is very special to me. And, while these ladies create totally different products, the effort and care they put into each item is the same. We all share a passion for our products.

For me, it’s awesome to see these women take the “if you build it, they will come” belief to heart; mostly because it’s true! And, I can’t help but share their shops with everyone I know; they do the same for me. If you are an Etsy shopper, browser, or first-timer, be sure to favorite their stores and products to help spread the word. If you don’t have a reason to buy anything right now, just click the little “heart” on their shop (even on each item if you have the time) – it’s free and it helps them build their credibility as a seller. And, when gift-giving time does come around, keep in mind that by shopping locally (even via Etsy) you are supporting people like me, and these cool ladies, in keeping a small business up and running.

Our Etsy shops, in most cases, are not our full-time jobs. We each have kids, and grand kids, jobs, and life to juggle while we create the beautiful items we sell on Etsy. We do it because we like it, it’s fun, it’s creative, and we can make some extra money too. If I had to guess, these friends are just like me, it’s not about the money; it’s about creating something beautiful and fun and sharing it with others. I promise you everything here is made with love by artisans who cherish their materials and their products. So, consider my friends’ shops (and mine too!) the next time you are looking for a unique gift for yourself or anyone else! And remember to shop from PEOPLE now and then, not from the big box stores all the time, and in turn give a totally unique gift the next time you can.

Here’s the round-up!

Kids Play TentKate and Emily Designs: This is my sister-in-law’s shop. She creates beautiful children’s play tents that foster imagination. Her mission is to combine style with function by giving your child an area to pretend, imagine, and dream all while being the perfect complimentary design element to your playroom, nursery, family room, or back yard. Those are my (twin) nieces in the photo here, does it get any cuter? I think not. And, the tents? Simply stunning! I’ll let you in on a little secret here; if you order a tent from her, ask for matching pillows; she will custom make them for you. And, ask for windows and door flaps and all the good stuff that makes your tent totally custom and totally you. Trick that thing out; your kids will thank you. And if they don’t thank you, kick them out of your awesome tent, grab a glass of wine, and hide out in there yourself; it’ll be worth it – be sure to order door flaps just in case you need some Mommy time.


Knit Baby HatKaren Fudge Baby Love: This is my mother-in-law’s shop. She makes handmade baby hats for newborns and toddlers as well as monogram hats, baby hats, thumbless mittens, baby mittens, baby security blankets, baby boy hats, and baby girl hats. Her hats, blankets, and mittens are perfect baby shower gifts, new baby gifts, grandchild gifts and more. I can say that with all honesty, since I have been the lucky recipient of many for my kids. She can customize any hat or blanket with monograms, baby names, birthdays, and more. If you look close you can find my son, daughter, and nieces modeling her hats in her shop photos – what can I say, I’m biased towards those little people – cutest ever! Ok, I admit, that’s my little guy in the pic I chose to display here, I couldn’t resist!


Kids Party InvitationWicked Crafty Designs: This is my good friend of over 15 years (how has it been this long?). She is a talented designer and one of the most amazing and hilarious people I know. I feel lucky to have her in my life and don’t get to see her nearly enough! She can make virtually anything out of paper. She creates paintings, name banners, vinyl decals, and more that match your child’s room theme/bedding or party.  She also loves creating birthday theme items and holiday banners. Here’s the secret of her shop, you won’t even see the “best of the best items” online; she has made so many items for me over the years that go above and beyond anything you see on Etsy. Take my advice, get in touch and ask for a custom order from her – you won’t be sorry!


Baby Burp Cloth Blanket SetBaby Stitch Boutique: This is my sister-in-law’s, sister-in-law’s, mother… got that? Go ahead, read it again! Nope, try again… there you go… Yep, that’s right. The family tree knows no limits! She is the proud mom to 8 children (EIGHT!!!) and an even prouder Grammy to 10 grand babies (with more on the way!). She creates heirloom-quality, one-of-a-kind, baby items like baby blankets, burp cloths, activity play mats, changing pads, and car seat covers utilizing gorgeous modern fabrics. You can pick and choose any combination of fabric to make a completely custom design. Her shop is new and growing, and the demand is high, so check back often for new items and styles. I’m just waiting for pics of those grand babies to pop up on her page; it’s only a matter of time!


Custom Modern Note CardDashie Notes & Co.: Ok get ready… this is my sister-in-law’s, sister-in-law’s, sister! That wasn’t so hard, was it? Admit it, that last one helped you out here. After hosting and throwing many wedding showers, weddings, baby showers, baptisms, and birthday parties (for both kids & adults), she found that her inspiration resides on a sheet of blank cardstock. Easy, no? Well, easy for her, that’s for sure. She creates all things paper; notecards, stationary, invitations, banners, and more. Her sense of style is modern and fresh. I received a set of notecards for each of my kids from her sister (can you do the family-tree math there?) and I loved them so much I rationed them out like a kid with a pile of Halloween candy. And still – over a year later – I have a couple left. I just can’t let them go, they are ALMOST too cute to use… I really just need to order some more and get over it already.


Modern Clutch Purse HandbagJocara Designs: This is a dear friend of mine that showed me the ropes of event planning many moons ago. I attribute the beginning of my love of party details and perfectly planned events to her. We had so much fun working together; I would love to do it again! She creates handcrafted clutch purses for gifts, weddings, special events, or just for fun. She just launched a new NFL purse line of adorable clutches available with any of the NFL team logos on them. If you are a football fan, you will look super cute showing up to the next game with one of her clutches. Her shop is ever-changing and she is always coming up with new one of a kind designs; so check back often for new styles.


Cake Stand PlatesSo, that’s a wrap! For now. I have many other talented friends with amazing shops, and this is just a start; I’ll post more here for sure.

Until then, keep your eye on my cake stand shop for some new exciting tiered cake stands very soon. I’m working on some gorgeous nautical dessert displays to kick off summer, here’s a sneak peek! Happy shopping!

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